Commercial Painting

Commercial business painting for Brisbane CBD and Northside Brisbane.

Commercial painting

Commercial and retail businesses in Brisbane are growing rapidly. Brisbane is now emerging as Australia’s New World City and with the growth of specialised businesses, competition also increases.

Painting your commercial premises not only increases walk-in traffic with a new look and feel but can also offer protective coatings for high traffic areas. These include industrial protective products for concrete, steel and timber.

Paint your business to stand out from the rest with presentability and practical functionality.

The latest technology

Davidson Painting Solutions has provided commercial and industrial-standard paint and coatings advice for decades. We continue to keep up with emerging surface coatings technology, as well as delivering the latest in trade quality paints, modern commercial paint colours and colour matching - so that your business will stand out above the rest.

We offer

Painting for Retail Shops

Painting for warehouses

Painting for restaurants and cafes

Painting for parks and recreations

Industrial Surface Coatings

When it comes to industrial premises, surface coatings play a big part in the performance of your business. Factors such as corrosion, chemical penetration, heat penetration and rot can be detrimental to your operation.

Industrial structural and environmental materials must not only be ‘fit for purpose’ but needs to comply with Australian building codes. This means that paints and coatings specified to perform a function needs to be precisely selected, to protect metal, concrete and wood surfaces - used in structural and high traffic areas.

Dulux Acra Tex

We use high performance paints and products specifically formulated for Australian industry standards. Our chosen brand is Dulux AcraTex® for roof coatings, render coatings and steel, however alternative product choices are also available, depending on the requirements.

We also specialise in

Application of steel and metal coatings to prevent rust.

Application of fire retardant surface coatings.

Application of epoxy coatings and advice.

the best surface coatings

Contact us today to discuss the best surface coatings for your business premises.